Monday, May 25, 2015


Written by: Jess Black 
Co written by: Bindi Irwin
Published by: Random House
Year published: 2010
Genre: Faction ( Realistic fiction )
Rating: 5/5

The category this book comes under is "Read a book set in the New Zealand or Australian countryside."

My opinion & review:
Bushfire is one of my all time favourite books as I have read it millions of times & reminds me of all my animal adventures!! I recommend this book to animal loving people & although it is a quick read, it is a great book about Bindi experiencing a major bushfire in which heaps of animals are killed & injured.

The activity I chose to do was " Write 5 pieces of advice for life that you learnt from this book.

1. "Many hands make light work." quoted from the book
2. Be over-prepared rather than under-prepared
3. Persevere 
4. When you lose something in life, love with all your heart what is left
5. " A watched pot never boils" quoted from the book

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