Tuesday, May 26, 2015


By Jacqueline Wilson
Published by: Doubleday Children's
Year published: 2013
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 5/5

The category this book comes under is "Read a book involving a medical condition."

My opinion & review:
I really love this book & I recommend this to everyone, especially people who love mischief & storytelling!! Queenie is about a girl called Elsie who lives with her nan in a flat in England before the Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Elise & Nan planned to go to the Queen's coronation together but then trouble fell on the duo & Nan was soon in the sanatorium after being diagnosed with TB. When the doctor also diagnoses Elise with TB her mum thinks they have taken a turn for the worst. Will Elsie & Nan get better in time for the Queen's coronation or will they miss out on all the fun?? Read Queenie to find out!!

The activity I chose to do was "Which character in the book would you most like to be friends with? Why?"
I would like to be friends with is Elsie because she is a great storyteller & very mischievous. She also brings fun into the hospital that she gets into & she also gets into lots of trouble with the nurses!!


  1. Hi Hannah This sounds great. It sounds good book you have described it really well !!

  2. hey Hannah it sounds like a good book and your discretion is awesome I feel like I need to read it now

  3. Hi hannah this book sounds very interesting and great. If that is all right could I borrow this book