Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club 
By Jacqueline Wilson
Published by: Random House
Year published: 2015
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 5/5

For my first book I decided to do "The Butterfly Club" which I read over the holidays. The category it goes under is "A book published this year". 

My opinion & review:
The Butterfly Club is becoming another of my favourite books! I strongly recommend this book to everyone because it is such an awesome book & it proves that anyone can change their personality!! In this book the main character is Tina who is a triplet with her sisters, Phil & Maddie. The triplets do everything together, until, when they are in Juniors their mean teacher Miss Lovejoy separates them & Tina has to sit next to the meanest girl in the school, Selma Johnson!! Will the 2 girls ever learn to get along??


The mean girl in the class, Selma, sits next to Tina in class

Interested in butterflies

Neera becomes Phil's friend

A postman butterfly is Tina's favourite butterfly

Maddie & Phil are her triplet sisters

Anywhere Tina goes she has to take her china doll, Baby 

You would really want to be friends with Tina if you were in her class

Nobody except Maddie & Phil know that Selma has taken Baby

A boy called Harry becomes friends with Maddie because they both love football

Red is a colour that is on the Postman butterflies wings

Dad, Mum, Grandad & Grandma organise a bake off to help raise funds for the Butterfly Garden


  1. Great synopsis, Hannah. Your acrostic poem is fabulous - love how you have conveyed so much about the book through the poem without giving anything away.

  2. Hi Hannah What a long post can't wait to see how it ends!!!

  3. Wow Hannah, you have done fantastic I am loving the long posts.<3