Thursday, May 21, 2015


By Sophia Bennett
Published by: The Chicken House
Year published: 2009
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 5/5

My next book I read was Threads which is set in England. The category  it goes under is "Read a book with a one word title".

My opinion & book review:
I really loved this book & I really recommend it to other people because it is a great story about a young designer called Elizabeth, also known as Crow, who comes from  an unsafe place in Uganda where her dad, James, mum, Grace & brother, Henry & her sister called Victoria live. At the end of the book will Crow ever get to be the designer she wants to be or more dramatic will she ever see her family again? Read Threads to find out!!

For Threads the activity I chose do was to chose a colour that sums up the book & explain your choice:
I chose pink because the story is all about fashion & designing & dress making.


  1. An interesting colour choice, Hannah. I am wondering how much is conveyed in the book about Uganda and what colouor you would choose for this aspect of the novel.

    1. The book doesn't have that much about Uganda although Edie is very keen to help save the children of Uganda who are night walkers also known as the Invisible Children. I would choose the colour brown because there is a lot of fighting happening in Uganda & there are lots of children who have no home some they live outside & brown is the colour of the dry ground.