Saturday, June 13, 2015

Geronimo Stilton the Super - Chef Contest

The Super - Chef Contest
By Geronimo Stilton
Published by: Scholastic Malaysia
Year published: 2014
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5

 "Read a book that you own but have never read." I was given this book for Christmas & I have only just read it.

My opinion & review:
I thought that this book was great & I recommend it to everyone because it is so good. In this book Geronimo's cousin Trap Stilton enters the Super - Chef contest & he asks Geronimo to be his assistant. Geronimo reluctantly agrees to. As he & Trap head off to the contest he regrets agreeing because he hates the taste of Trap's cooking. When they get to the contest & Trap starts winning each round Geronimo starts to get suspicious. Is Trap really a good cook putting on a bad cook disguise or is there something else behind his success??? Read The Super Chef Contest to find out what happens.

"Design a symbol that represents your book & explain your design."
I designed a chef's hat because it shows that the book was all about cooking & I put "Super Chef" on the hat so that you can tell that the chef had competed in the Super Chef contest.


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