Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good Night Little Bear

Good Night Little Bear
By Patsy Scarry 
Illustrated by Richard Scarry
Published by: Golden Press ( a Little Golden Book )
Year published: 1970
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Rating: 5/5

"Read a book recommended by your parents." This was my Mum's book when she was little & it has been passed down to me. It is now my favourite Little Golden Book!! 

My opinion & review:
I really love this book & it is one of my all time favourite picture books! I would recommend this book not only to young children but also older girls that like picture books still. This is a very funny book about a little bear who tries to trick his dad when he is supposed to be in bed. Does daddy bear know where little bear is?? Read Good Night Little Bear to find out!!!

"How would you describe the mood of your book? Why?"
This book is really funny & the daddy bear pretends that he doesn't know where the little bear is but I think he actually does. The way that the daddy bear pretends to find where baby bear is is really funny!!

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