Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Cups Of Tea

By David Oliver Relin
Published by: Penguin Group
Published year: 2009
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: 4/5

Category: "Change points of view - read a book written from a boy's point of view". This book was written by David Oliver Relin so it is what he knew about Greg Mortenson. 

My opinion & review:

This was a fascinating book but I only rated it 4/5 because it wasn't very detailed & it sometimes jumped backwards & forwards from piece of information to another. It is quite amazing how anyone could do such things that Greg did especially falling nearly 800 vertical feet & only coming out with a joint put out of his shoulder & a broken bone in his arm. Greg dealt with all kinds of situations not always in the right way but in a way which made him seem very brave.

From the front of the book:
"One Man's journey to Change the World..... 
One Child at a Time"

From chapter 13 in the book:
"The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea you are an honoured guest. The third time you share a cup of tea  you become family, and for our family, we are prepared to do anything, even die." said Haji Ali.

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  1. This was a really good book to read, and I agree with you that it did jump backwards and forwards in some places. Good review! :)