Sunday, August 30, 2015

Under The Weather

By Tony Bradman
Published by: Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
Published year: 2009
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Rating: 3/5

Category: The category I chose for this book was "Be green - read a book about saving the environment". This book is full of stories about Climate Change. Some of the stories are set in the future & some in the present. 

My opinion & Review:

I liked this book but it only rated it 3/5 because some of the stories are really confusing. The one story I particularly liked a girl called Jade had bad dreams &  in the end she finds out that her dreams are messages from the future & she finds that when she does things that are good for the environment then she has the same dreams but they have been tweaked. The boy who cries for help in her initial dream says thank you in her tweaked dream. Jade coped really well in her situation because she still got on with life & was happy to take advice from people to see if she could help her dreams.                                                                                                   

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