Thursday, September 10, 2015

Alice Miranda In The Alps

By Jacqueline Harvey
Published by: Random House 
Published year: 2015
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 5/5

Category: "Free Choice!  Anything goes as long as you write an exceptional blog post about it!"

My opinion & review:

This was a great book to read. I love these books because Jacqueline Harvey's writing is really detailed so it takes at least 5 minutes to read one chapter. Sometimes one chapter is just about dinner time or a walk to the garden!! Also what I really like is that when Alice - Miranda & her friends are trying to solve a mystery or help someone Jacqueline Harvey doesn't tell the readers the end result or who committed the crime, she provides the reader with clues so that they can work it out themselves. In this book Alice - Miranda & her friends, Millie, Jacinta, Sloane, Sep & Lucas along with Hugh & Cecelia Alice - Miranda's parents, Pippa & Hamish Millie's parents & Shilly & Dolly who are Alice - Miranda's family housekeeper & cook go to Switzerland. They stayed at Fangers Hotel in St Moritz & were planning to stay at a friends hotel in Zermatt but were disappointed to find out that their friends hotel was fully booked. This in fact was not the case! Their friends hotel was badly in need of customers. Something very suspicious seems to be up especially as the Fangers Hotel owners wife seems to be very interested in buying their friends hotel. I wonder what is happening? Read Alice - Miranda In The Alps to find out!