Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Word Witch

By Margaret Mahy
Published by: Harper Collins
Published year: 2009
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4/5

"Be a hero - read to a younger child". I read Dashing Dog, Clowns and Hide and Seek in a Dark House to Kenzi who sometimes comes into our class after school.

My opinion and review:

I thought that the poems I read to Kenzi were quite cool and I think Kenzi had a particular favourite - Hide and Seek in a Dark House - because she asked me to read it twice. I think that maybe the reason she liked this poem is because it is quite cool and really descriptive about where the person is hiding and it seems a bit scary but not really. I think that these poems would be suitable for people 5+ because they aren't very hard to understand and I think Kenzi understood them quite well. 

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